Meet our Administration Team


Danielle Gallop, Owner

I am Danielle Gallop, the owner of Honey Tree Preschool and Childcare. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

I have my BA in English and worked in Marketing for 12 years before my husband and I bought our first location in Monroe in 2002.

I am a happily married mother of 2. My husband, Mike, and I have been together since 1987. Mike is the Director of DAS Business Development and Sales for Insite Wireless.  He also owns Twins BBQ Co - a food truck out of Brookfield CT. My girls, Kaia, following in her mother’s footsteps, graduated with a BA in English from Binghamton University in May 2019 where she played Lacrosse; And Teja, on her way to a degree in Social Work at Limestone College in SC. She too is a Lacrosse player, a Goalie. I also have 8 nieces and 4 nephews and 2 beagles named Buddy and Dino.

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Certified by the State of CT, I am an Education Consultant for multiple schools in CT, providing seminars and teaching strategies as well as helping these schools comply with The Office of Early Childcare of CT Regulations. I am a former Board Member of the Safety Committee for the Board of Education in Brookfield. I was a Girl Scout leader for 4 years, the Director of the Girls Youth Lacrosse Program in Brookfield, CT (where we live) for 6 years where I also coached lacrosse. I was also the Secretary for a non-profit called Hope for Heroes Foundation, an amazing organization that enables fire, police, ems and military personnel, disabled in the line of duty, to gain confidence and independence through outdoor activities.

We, as a family, love Lacrosse, football and Basketball, the Jets and the Mets and BBQ.

I attend as many workshops and seminars, classes and webinars as I can to continue to learn about the newest, as well as the tried and true methods of teaching, and running a preschool / childcare center, keeping our teachers happy, and all of the positive ways to learn and grow with staff and children.

I believe that children, like flowers, grow and flourish with care, attention, and love. Here at Honey Tree, we sprinkle the children with love and encouragement daily, introduce new ideas and ask lots of questions. The children just love exploring the world around them and we enjoy watching as they discover new concepts and ideas.

Come see what makes Honey Tree a “home away from home” for your family and how we inspire learning and friendships to last a lifetime!

Kaia Headshot

Ms. Kaia, Director, Growth and Relationships

Ms. Kaia, our director of Growth and Relationships, has been a part of the Honey Tree Preschool family since before she can remember. 

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Her work experience includes working at Honey Tree in nearly every capacity since 2012.  She has been an on site director since the fall of 2019. Growing up as ‘the owner's daughter, she has experienced firsthand the hard work and overwhelmingly positive results of starting and running a childcare center dedicated to inspiring learners and friendships to last a lifetime. Ms. Kaia has been instrumental in helping us develop and implement our core values:  Respect, Caring, Support, Growth, and Enthusiasm.  Ms. Kaia is an exceptional role model for children and staff every day.


Ms. Katie, Assistant Director, Monroe

Ms. Katie, our Assistant Director in Monroe has been with us since 2002. While the multi-talented Ms. Katie has a very impressive professional background in childcare, her extra-curricular experiences are extremely useful here at Honey Tree as well.

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While the multi-talented Ms. Katie has a very impressive professional background in childcare, her experience is extremely useful here at Honey Tree as well. Ms. Katie, grew up in childcare - literally.... Ms. Katie's mother owned her own!   She has worked in every position imaginable - from infant teacher to toddler teacher to preschool teacher to Assistant Director.  Ms. Katie is an excellent communicator and has an inspiring knack for making you feel like you have known her for years.  Her smile is genuine and her caring is evident.  Her amazing character has brought a delightful camaraderie among the teachers and families at Honey Tree.  Ms. Katie is also delighted to be the proud mother of two beautiful girls, Ava and Lia.  


Ms. Sue, Director of Enrollment

Ms. Sue, our Director of Enrollment, has been with us at Honey Tree Preschool since 2022. She came to us with an incredible experience as a Director for over 10 years but also with a passion for helping children grow. 

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Ms. Jessie, Assistant Director, Wilton

Ms. Jessie, our Assistant director, has been an incredible addition to our Administrative Team in 2022. Her previous childcare experiences makes her not only a great resource for the staff, but our families as well. 

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Ms. Jessie moved to the United States with her family in 2021 and was welcomed at Honey Tree shortly after. Originally from Australia, Ms. Jessie received her Certificate of Children's Services through a hands on apprenticeship and since, has been diligently working in the childcare industry for 10+ years. Ms. Jessie has had positions in multiple teaching capacities. She began her shift into an administration role through her close work with Playgroup NSW, where she created and spearhead their 'at home' series. After a successful launch, she become involved with the national management team, where she was responsible for evaluating and workshopping their policies and procedures to help their programs run successfully. Ms. Jessie's vast experience in the classroom, as a teacher, administrator and a Mom, makes her an incredible addition to our Honey Tree Family for both our staff and our children.


Ms. Anne, Education Coordinator

Ms. Anne is our Education Coordinator, and an amazing asset to our leadership team. She has been teaching at Honey Tree since 2011 and believes that early education is the key to success.

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This belief, along with her love for children, led her to obtain her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Her experience at Honey Tree has been with all ages. She works with all of our new staff, lending her already extensive knowledge in childhood development, lesson planning and classroom management.  She enjoys seeing the children grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally, especially knowing she was able to help guide them there! She enjoys cooking, art and music and hopes to pass these passions along to the children. Ms. Anne loves coming to work because “no two days are alike! It is always exciting and truly rewarding to know that I am making a difference!” Ms. Anne is mother to Sophia and Dominick, who have both attended and graduated from Honey Tree. Ms. Anne is an irreplaceable component to our onboarding process for staff and success of our students in our classrooms.