Electronic Daily Reports

These daily reports are sent every day – directly to the app on your phone!

We understand, as parents, you really miss your children when they're at school. You like to picture who they're playing with, what they're laughing at, and what they're doing.  You want to be part of the learning and development that takes place at school.

Honey Tree keeps you connected to your little one with our Electronic Daily Reports.  These reports allow you to stay connected with information about your child's daily activities, as well as events at Honey Tree and photos of your child.  In the easy app and website, Procare Solutions, our teachers are able to provide you with a detail report of what your child ate, their bathroom schedule, what time they fell asleep and woke up from naps, along with the inclusion of pictures and/videos of your children in action. These daily reports are sent all day every day directly to the app on your phone!

Perfect for forwarding to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends!

Additional Communication:

  • Each week you receive a NEWSLETTER email outlining your child's week ahead.
  • Each classroom has a tablet to respond and initiate communication, throughout the day.
  • Every parent has Danielle’s (the owner) personal cell phone for questions after hours.
  • We have a Facebook and Instagram page complete with photos.

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