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Potty Training Success

Don’t worry. Your child will not wear a diaper to college! I tell all the parents at our preschools that patience is the key to success – at potty training, introducing new foods or sleep routines. You have all heard the saying “you can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make him…

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Spring and New Beginnings!

There are two times a year that people typically “start fresh”…  New Year’s and SPRING!  New Years is a good time to set resolutions, if you are anything like me, you abandoned these good intentions a few months ago.   Spring it a time for new beginnings and “Spring cleaning”. But why do we wait…

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Happy 2017!!!!

Each year each person vows to change…. “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Everyone has wonderfully inspired intentions of “making this the best year yet!”  I encourage that!!!  Especially when it comes to being a better parent.  We all want to be that perfect parent! (of course).  I suggest small and attainable steps for being better – at…

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Summer Time is COMING! Yay

If you are anything like me, you wait all year until summer!  You forget that summer brings with it a lot more that beautiful sunshine.  Summer time is filled with moving up ceremonies, graduation, communions, confirmations, family barbeques, packing and unpacking for beach trips, trips to the park, etc.  We look forward to reading a…

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Maybe a Hug Can Help

My children are now teenagers and I am happy that many years ago I learned an important lesson from them.  We were late for a party or something.  The day is clear in my mind. “Find your shoes”, “Where is your sister?”, “Where are your shoes?”, “We don’t have time for that right now”, “We…

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Your New Year’s Resolution

  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you are like me, you look forward to “a new year, a new you”.  This year, let’s all work toward being an even more awesome parent.  I have read “The Power of a Positive Mom” (I recommend this book) and have taken “Positive Discipline, along with a dozen practical courses…

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