Happy 2017!!!!

Each year each person vows to change…. “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Everyone has wonderfully inspired intentions of “making this the best year yet!”  I encourage that!!!  Especially when it comes to being a better parent.  We all want to be that perfect parent! (of course).  I suggest small and attainable steps for being better – at anything really.

Set small goals, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Often, when we resign to do something, we decide to do it BIG.  No more cookies, gym every day, plan a playdate for Johnny every Saturday… and by week 2, we feel like failures.  Been there, done that.  However, if we start small we can manage to change better.  Give Johnny 5 minutes of undivided attention daily, instead of 4 cookies I will only eat 2, I will do 10 minutes of activity 3X per week.

Make goals easy to measure.

Steer clear of the words less and more… for example I will eat less and exercise more.  You cannot measure that.  You can say, I will cut my calories but 200 each day… and I will park at least 3 rows away from my destination and walk 2 times per week, or I will take the stairs 3 times per week.  The more specific, the better.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

We all have setbacks, it happens!  Forgive yourself and start again.  No setback is permanent.  So what… you ate too much today or missed your 10 minute workout today.  Start again tomorrow.  You would be surprised how easy to sabotage your plans when you think you cannot recover.  Remember, YOU CAN… YOU WILL.

If you are thinking of ways to be a better parent, know that toys and playdates are temporary.  Time spent together is forever.  Slow down this year and really listen to your child.  Think about his/her likes and ask questions.  A child who feels they are heard are more likely to share with you.  A few minutes each day adds up.  Resolve to invest the time in yourself and your child.