Tips to Promote Mask Wearing for Young Children

By Anne Nguyen, Education Coordinator

As the pandemic continues and we see the numbers of infection rise, it is always a concern for parents that the children are not wearing their masks correctly. We understand that it can be a struggle for young children to understand the importance of masks or practice social distancing. We did some brainstorming and came up with ideas that our families can use at home as well as in the classroom to encourage the children to wear their masks efficiently.

  • Have your child practice wearing the face covering in small increments of time to get your child use to it.
  •  Decorate the masks so that they are more personalized and fun. Letting your child choose his or her own mask, such as color or character will encourage your child to wear it.
  • Invite your child to try on a few different kinds of masks to see what they like best.
  • Speak to your child about why it’s important for your child to wear a mask. Create a list of rules for where and when to wear a mask. Use pictures as a visual for younger children.
  • Give your child lots of practice getting masks on and off. Your child can “help” a favorite stuffed animal or doll put one on.
  • Use masks while playing pretend. Children learn through play.
  • Be an example, introduce your child to masks by showing them that you wear one yourself.
  • Make it fun. Make a game out of it. Make up silly songs or rhymes about wearing them. Pretend you’re masked heroes.

The more we introduce the proper way to wear masks to children, the better they will adapt and get used to it. This will translate to improved everyday use, whether it be in the classroom or public places. It’s a work in progress but when we work together, the process will be much smoother and stress free for both the child and the caregiver.

If you have other ways you have successfully introduced your family to masks, please let us know so we can share with others!