Sniffles and Boogies…

‘Tis the season!  This time of the year, especially with the weather changes here in the Northeast, we see more runny noses than not.  While we wipe and wipe and blow and wipe some more, we cannot seem to keep ahead of it.  If you have a child (of any age) you are likely seeing or experiencing it for yourself.  So, what do we do?  Honestly, my best advice is wash your hands.  Wash, or have your child wash, his or her hands and face as often as possible.  My hands are raw… but my nose is not!  That said, you are likely reading this because it is too late and the running has begun!  Well, what do the experts say?  Saline Solution… you can make your own… 1/4 teaspoon salt to a cup of water and a syringe or you can buy prepared saline solution such as Ayr or Baby Ayr.  This loosens the mucus.  If you are brave, you can then use a bulb syringe to remove the loosened mucus.  Adults can (and should) use a neti-pot or similar product to loosen and cleanse the lining of the nasal passage.  Proper rest (although difficult) and eating right – avoiding or minimizing dairy, refined sugar and gluten will also help as will STAYING HYDRATED.  If nighttime rest has got you down (or up!), try putting something under your child’s mattress to elevate his/her head slightly (adults can add a small pillow).  Try eucalyptus in the air – it works as an expectorant and helps cleanse your body of toxins… mix with Peppermint oil and coconut oil to make your own vapor rub.  Some people even ingest it to help with coughs too.  Read labels!!!  Use a cold air humidifier – try adding eucalyptus.  Another idea, to slow or avoid viruses, seems counter intuitive, but works.  Keep your bedroom and even your house cooler – germs don’t survive well in lower temps.  Lastly, tips for cleaning those stuck on boogies…  saline wipes… saline soaked q-tips… warm water and clean paper towel.. wash face with warm water and soap.  Small children HATE all of these ideas.  When I clean a child’s face I go super slow and gentle.  I don’t squeeze their little nose.  Instead, I try to use my index finger to loosen and wipe away the “grossness” and sing a song or something to distract them.  Works with most.  I think it’s the manhandling they dislike.  Stay as healthy as you can!  Happy Winter.

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