Fun Activities For You and Your Child This Summer Season

The sun is starting to shine and that cold winter chill is on its way out. You know what that means, summer is right around the corner! By now we’re all tired of spending our days cooped up inside and we can’t wait to get out and enjoy the weather. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite summertime activities that you can do with your child to get them out of the house and into the sun.


Sidewalk Chalk

We’re sure everyone remembers this childhood staple from when they were growing up, there’s a reason it’s been around so long. All you need is some chalk, some asphalt, and your imagination to have a blast outside. Have your child chalk up some of their favorite animals, plants, toys, or whatever else they can think of. This summertime activity is great for getting your child to be creative and express themself however they like. Make sure not to forget about all the classic chalk games like hopscotch and four square, too.


Backyard Waterslide

While we’re sure that we would all love a nice dip in the pool to help cool off on a hot summer’s day, sometimes a waterslide is just the trick. You can either buy one yourself at any children’s toy store or go the DIY route and make your own. All you need is a couple of tarps, some dish soap, and water. Kids love these waterslides and they make for a surefire way to keep your kids outside playing all day. As long as you don’t mind them getting a few grass stains of course.

Backyard Camping

    While your child probably isn’t ready to rough it out in the woods just yet, backyard camping can be the perfect way to get your child to fall in love with the outdoors. A tent in the backyard can feel like a huge adventure to your child, just treat it like a real camping trip! Make smores, tell stories, sleep under the stars. You can even try making up a story about going on a grand adventure into the wild to help your child get excited and in the camping mood.


Bike Riding

    Is childhood really the same without learning how to ride a bike? Of course not, we all have fond memories of our parents teaching us how to ride, pushing us along before letting go and teaching us to peddle ourselves. On average, most children learn how to ride a bike around the age of five, but studies show that between the ages of two to eight are the optimal years for teaching your child how to ride. It’s a great way to help develop their motor skills and keep them healthy and active.


Trip to the Park

    The park, with such classic staples as the jungle gym, swing set, and the sandbox. The park is a veritable wonderland for your child. What kid doesn’t love to explore and run around, getting a chance to climb over everything and learn how to move their body? Plus, the park is a great way to introduce your child to other children and teach them how to play and make friends with others. Just be careful, once your child gets one trip to the park, we’re sure they’ll be asking you over and over when the next trip is coming!


Hopefully you’ve got some new ideas for ways you and your child can get outside and enjoy that warm summer air. Remember that you can always get creative and find new ways to play with your kid outside to keep things exciting. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own games and activities to keep things fresh. We know your child will thank you. Just be sure to get out there, get some vitamin D, and have fun!