Honey Tree Preschool's Safety Measures During COVID-19

Dear Community,

We are all in this together....  in the same boat with questions, concerns, and remarkable uncertainty.  I am hoping to clear up some of the concerns for you and your family.

We are one of the only childcare centers open in Wilton and Monroe.  Staying open provided us the opportunity to care for over 40 families of essential workers!  We are proud to be a part of the essential workforce helping keep CT working!

As one of the only schools to stay open during this time, we have made a lot of changes, we’ve implemented and fine-tuned a number of safety measures other schools have yet to figure out.

Some of these changes include:

Restricting entrance.  We are receiving children in the entryway, preforming a thorough wellness check – the staff is all dolled up with their Personal Protection Equipment – gloves, gown, and mask!

We are not inviting parents into the school.  We actually are not inviting anyone into the school outside of staff and children.

Staff is required to use a separate entrance as well as provide detailed information about their overall health AND complete a health screening upon arrival.

ANYONE with a temperature higher than 100 will not be permitted to work or come to school and must follow a new set of protocols for wellness before returning.

We have increased handwashing throughout the day along with extensive cleaning rituals DAILY.  Our school has never been so clean!

In addition, we require our staff to wear masks throughout the day – as social distancing with children is like nailing jello to a wall!

We are doing virtual tours and taking all deliveries in the entryway.

Please check out our FAQ’s on our website for more information about these precautions.

We have also become experts at Zoom; Providing our children at home the opportunity to sit in on Music, Science, Lunch Bunch (virtual socializing – who knew?), storytime, circle, and more.  We have also created videos for everyone on Facebook and Instagram for any child to enjoy at home!  Our staff have taken hours upon hours of continuing education and prepared months’ worth of lesson planstoo.  We are ready for anything!

As we continue to work out the nuances of the government’s restrictions for re-entry into the new normal, we will do everything to make it easy.  We feel there is more to caring for your children than simply keeping our doors open, teaching, and keeping them safe.  Because each child’s needs are different, as we navigate re-entry we will ease children back into their schedule as seamlessly as possible.  We will work with families and teachers to do this in a safe and healthy way.

We want to thank all of our families for their unwavering loyalty and support throughout this longer than expected period of time – you are all heroes to us!  From the essential worker to the at-home parent taking care of children unexpectedly and with little notice.  THANK YOU!  We are here to serve YOU!  If there is a way our smiling, brave staff can be of assistance – let us know.  Because our families continue to be a part of the HTP Family, we are open, and we will be here in the future!  I believe our bonds are even stronger as a result.

We continue to work every day to be a home away from home, a safe haven for our communities’ children.  As one of the only schools open, we are enrolling now for summer and fall so that people can feel comforted knowing their child has a secured spot when we reach phase 2 or 3 and parents return to work.  Please feel free to email me directly for additional information:  danielle@honeytreepreschool.com.  Of course, you can always call Katie in Monroe or Kaia in Wilton.

We are here, we will continue to be here… together we are all stronger and more resourceful than we ever thought we’d be!  Praying for you all.


With Love,

Danielle Gallop

Owner of Honey Tree Preschools

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