Meet our Wilton Teachers


Infant Classroom

Ms. Amy

Ms. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and insight. She studied Early Childhood Development at Housatonic Community College and received her certificate in Early Childhood Education from Stratford Career Institute.  She has an incredible disposition that lends itself to creating a quiet classroom filled with polite and inquisitive children. Her method is simple… “treat people the way you want to be treated.” The children are drawn to her. Ms. Amy has over 7 years experience in teaching infants, toddlers and special needs children.  Among Ms. Amy’s interests is scrap booking.  She is creative and loves to share.  You will see a tremendous amount of hands on learning activities in Ms Amy’s class as she believes children learn best by doing. Ms. Amy understands and respects that children live and breathe energy and she enjoys channeling that energy into positive learning experiences.

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Infant Classroom

Ms. Alexanne

Ms. Alexanne is now our co-teacher in the our Infant Class, alongside Ms. Amy.  She is a graduate of Newtown High School and has hopes of being a flight attendant in the future. While she is on her way to get there, she has been working with children for several years. She found her passion within her large family as she has two brothers, 3 sisters, and two nephews that she adores and loves. With our infants you will see her do nothing but smile, she loves going through each child routine while giving them all that she has to offer and making sure that are so very well cared for. The children are very drawn to her and we love her too! 

Infant - Woddler Classroom

Ms. Monique

Ms. Monique, our cheery assistant teacher in the Infant Class.  A Psychology Major at Plattsburgh University, Ms. Monique is wildly knowledgeable in the field of Early Childhood.  Her degree, together with 8 years experience as a Lifeguard, Swim teacher and Swim Coach, make her a perfect fit for our youngsters.  Ms. Monique is a positive, hard working, compassionate teacher with an astute understanding of how our little ones think.  Her warm smile and easy-going nature allow the children to feel instantly comfortable and safe.  She is loved by both children and parents.

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Toddler 1 Classroom

Ms. Christina

Ms. Christina attended Pace University to study political science. After completing school she realized that her true devotion as to children. She brings to Honey Tree 14 years of experience working with children and also 5 years as a mother to her son. Both inside and outside of Honey Tree her passion is music and art, you will find that a lot of the ways her children learn is through songs that they sing and hands on art projects that keep them engage.   

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Toddler 2 Classroom

Ms. Maddie

Ms. Maddie is a currently attending University of Southern Connecticut studying Education. When she was little all she wanted to be when she grew up was a teacher, and here she is working both in the classroom at Honey Tree and in her classrooms at Southern! She is also a child magnet, the children are drawn to her positive attitude and the way that she can make them feel at home. Her nurturing personality makes the children want to learn, follow a routine, and feel accomplished because they know Ms. Maddie will be cheering them on.

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Toddler 2+ Teacher

Ms. Natasha

Ms. Natasha graduated City College with a Masters of Science and Special Education, she brought to Honey Tree 11 years of experience working with children and a very upbeat personality. While having a large presence in the classroom she does believe that it is her patience and her ability to care that truly helps the children learn and grow. The energy that she provides to the children, not only helps them grasps concepts in her classroom, but also gets them ready to move up into preschool. Have a conversation with Ms. Natasha when you see her next and she is sure to make you feel good. 

Preschool Classroom

Ms. Charmaine

Ms. Charmaine has her degree in Child Development and has been teaching in the early childhood field since 2001.  Her greatest passion is the  Preschool class, where the children are just learning to interact, follow instruction and play with purpose.   Ms. Charmaine is passionate about literacy and books. You will see that she revolves most of her planning her curriculum around children’s books and authors. Her inviting smile and energy always have the children engaged and in love with her!


Ms. Val (Valencia)

With over 20 years experience in the education field, Ms. Val is energetic with a dynamic approach to teaching. She is very enthusiastic and quickly establishes strong relationships with parents and students. As a creative thinker she enjoys challenging young minds. Ms. Val received her Child Development Associate credential from Washington DC in 2006 and has worked in the Early Childhood Education field since 1992. Her experience, together with her vast knowledge allow her to promote healthy, social, physical and intellectual growth.

Assistant Teacher - Floater Extraordinaire

Ms. Kayla

Ms. Kayla has been a part of the Honey Tree family for close to 4 years, and been working with children for longer than that. She recently graduated from East Carolina University where she studied business but during summers and winters spent her time within our school walls. She is loud and fun and always will to make the kids smile. Walk through our school to see so much of her fantastic art work on the walls and in the classrooms. She is one of our best team players and will do anything to make the others around her happy. We love Ms. Kayla, and anyone around her would say the same!

Assistant Teacher - Floater Extraordinaire

Ms. Samantha

Ms. Samantha is currently studying Early Childhood Development at Norwalk Community College.  She has been working with children ages 4 weeks to 10 years old for more than 6 years.  She loves early childhood because she enjoys teaching little ones new things that will be used for the rest of their lives.  She appreciates watching children grow into spectacular individuals and being an intricate part of preparing them.  She hopes to own her own school some day.

Assistant Teacher/ Floater Extraordinaire

Ms. Ari (Arisely)

Ms. Ari is currently attending college at Lincoln Technology Institute where she is still deciding what route she would like to take, but has always had an interest and love for children. The joy she has from children stems from her large family where she is 1 of 7 children, and is an aunt to 14 nieces and nephews. Ms. Ari loves watching children grow, from tiny babies and then to kids ready for kindergarten the growth that each child makes in a few short years amazes her. Her love for helping them make large strides is why we love her in the classroom.