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Encouraging Curiosity – Philosophy


Honey Tree Preschool is so much more than a SAFE, SECURE, EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT.

We are a family…


As a healthy family unit, we work together at every stage of your child’s development to make them feel loved. We encourage Honey Tree Prount Picturethem to explore the world from his/her own place in it.

Our program is based on the Piaget theory of adaptation (adapting to the world through assimilation and accommodation.)   At Honey Tree we believe that each child will learn and grow by experiencing the world around him/her.  We are a play-based program that is structured to include teacher directed activities in our routine as well. Each child is carefully given enough room honey-tree-preschool-discovering-pumpkins-inside-and-out to challenge him/herself daily to gain confidence and make mistakes. We use mistakes as  learning tools and guide them until they master that skill.

We believe that communication, respect, curiosity and community are essential in growing into confident young learners.