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Safety and Security: AngelWatch

We are PROUD to be the ONLY AngelWatch Accredited childcare facility in both Monroe and Wilton, and among the first in ALL OF Connecticut!

We received a grant install the AngelWatch security system and train our entire staff in CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration, Advanced Emergency Procedures, Active Shooter Training, Bomb Threat Protocol and Parent/Child Abduction Procedures – this training is far beyond what the State of CT requires of a licensed center.  AngelWatch also performs a complete assessment of all our emergency procedures annually to update threat assessments and provide improved plans in compliance with homeland security, Departments of State and Defense as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


The AngelWatch, triple-encrypted coded security system, in addition to providing daily security and unparalleled protection, allows Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Personnel to access and assess dangerous situations before they arrive. The program also offers the opportunity for you, the parent/guardian, to check in on your child during the day.  Unlike other schools with “closed caption” streaming capability, this patented encryption system is only accessible to 2 approved family members and the staff at Honey Tree.  View time is limited as bandwidth overages are counterproductive.

AngelWatch is simply the highest standard of safety in the country.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your child will soon be one of the few children in Connecticut to attend an AngelWatch Accredited facility, THE SAFEST FACILITIES IN THE COUNTRY.